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  1. 4 wallpapers... Elmo Bert Ernie Cookie Monster. DOWNLOAD
  2. I know very little about HTML though. I did PM Link to see if he could help me out, but I didnt hear back. So anyone who can help me out and pretty much explain things to me, or even code it, I would be very gratefull.
  3. Basically I got a blog: http://ukdblog.blogspot.com/ Things is the layout of the blog changes depending on the scdreen size its being viewed on. If you launch it and make the explorer window smaller or bigger then you will see the background and header is fine but the content (posts etc) stays in the same place which messes up the site. The content is set as 'position:absolute' I've tried messing around with that but no joy. I really dont know much about HTML etc and am just looking for someone to help me out. If you have MSN then my address is [email protected], If not them help
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