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  1. Control panel-hardware and sound-sound-change system suond
  2. General preference-miscellaneous button-first group of option,first of the list,check the box.
  3. Press the "print screen" key on your keyboard,open paint and paste
  4. Allora c'è qualche altro italiano qui,milanista fra l'altro ASD Mi diresti che programma usi per le preview delle immagini,l'ho già visto in altri screen.. Please use English as this is an English forum. Image Snipped. Member banned for a day. -SirSmiley
  5. Yes,don't look good without transparency. Only my opinion
  6. The first post contain the last build. Copy-paste-overwrite
  7. Search in OD option pannel. I use it and when I clik on my firefox icon the windows come on top or if it was minimized get maximized.
  8. http://babbonatale.deviantart.com/art/All-...an-one-73962349
  9. Jaguar was OSX 10.2.............
  10. http://babbonatale.deviantart.com/art/Jan-...spired-73899836
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