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  1. JJ - my names james and I thought a single J wouldn't be very good. Peacha - I was eating a peach at the time . . . original 'ay. Lol what was I thinking all those years ago!
  2. The iPhoneDev Team over at blog.iphone-dev.org may be able to help you. Jj
  3. I don't mind waiting a week for a brand new product, but when I ordered it stated that it would be shipped within 5 days but all estimates are 2/3 weeks. I could have gone to my local Apple store (albeit losing my discount) and picked it up the same day (was just the standard £1750 MBP).
  4. Right ok, thats good then. I was really just asking if the estimated dates are wrong. Cus on the Apple site, it says estimated delivery 18-19th November.
  5. I ordered my new MacBook Pro a few days ago. Dispatched on the 5th November, and all the page says is "In transit to final destination - carrier details to be updated shortly." with a estimated delivery date 14th November. If its been dispatched why the hell is it gunna take so long to get to me . . . ?
  6. Haven't updated my screenshot in ages!
  7. Apple lost my money when they announced the new MacBook Pros. I can live with glossy screens but imo the screen is too small, the specs aint anywhere near as good and I can get blueray for around half the cost and shove Hackintosh on it. This is the first time I have considered this but £1750 for a 15" MacBook Pro you've got to be having a laugh. I'm extremely disappointed.
  8. Meh, you should see the guys speculating over at MacRumors and AppleInsider; quite amusing. Tbh, I think that it should actually be "a redesign for the MacBook Pro and a possible redesign for the MacBook". The current MacBook Pros are in need of a beef up of specs. I can by a better sony and install OSx86 for half the price with better specs. I REALLY want an updated macbook pro - don't care if its been created by the 'brick' procedure just better specs!!!
  9. omg . . . WHY? IE7 (ships with most pcs) Firefox, Opera, Chrome & safari all use tabs. . .
  10. I actually think it looks really good in vista =] Really liking this browser. Screenshot
  11. I dunno about you guys but this update was like a blessing for me. None of the Apps, i have downloaded crash, the lag in the keyboard has gone and there isn't any lag anymore in my contacts list. I'm liking it!
  12. Well, when I first got my mac in December last year, I signed up for .mac and had a @mac.com email address ect . . . I stopped my account after the trial, does this mean I cannot get it back now because of Mobile Me? Just a bit confused lol.
  13. Isn't it bliss not having to run virus scans, spyware scans, malware scans, defrag ect ect . . .
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