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  1. wow... not just 2 for me, but its a king size, so 4 for me, none for any of you guys
  2. as a video artist... i use Motion quite a lot, as well as some other toys... but also grid ( http://vidvox.com/ ), and possibly grid pro soon
  3. What software did you use in creating this?
  4. thanks... got it. I like that, and wish i could do stuff like that
  5. Rissol, please dont post full size images inline
  6. @-[maoos]- - c0cktail can do it, and so can transparent dock, but i dont know if transparent dock is tiger compatable yet
  7. So, after looking around, I cannot find out how to mod safari to take the unified toolbar window interface... can you link me to someway or help me out with that, please. Im me on aim or msn or le me know here if you dont mind, any of those ways would rock
  8. Does anybody have the illustrator icon yet?
  9. for the mean time... look on source forge for a menu extra called meteorologist
  10. did you see my list on the right side... thats my girlfriend... so i'm not introducing you to her
  11. I like them a lot, i'm looking forward to the release of this set
  12. How the crap am i supposed to download these? edit... apparently i had my eyes closed while i was at the downloads page... i plead temporary retardation
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