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  1. I use Photoshop CS3 and the same thing happens. In fact, if I click on any of the menus in OB while PS in on top, then Photoshop acts all screwy and I have to restart it.
  2. http://njturbo.deviantart.com/art/Sunny-76869375
  3. Too lazy to open Rumshot. http://njturbo.deviantart.com/art/February-2008-76331000
  4. Anyone have some interesting Front Row Icons, besides the default red chair?
  5. Wow, very impressive. I like it a lot!
  6. Update: I reinstalled Objectbar (1.6) and the font showed up like on a Mac for a little while, but then all of a sudden, it went back to looking fat and choppy, like in the image below. I'm using Lucida G, and I didn't do anything to make it change back, it kind of just did. The first part of the image is my desktop, and the second is a real Mac desktop, which my font looked like for a short amount of time. Anyone know what's up with it? EDIT: It seems it has something to do with Quicktime. Odd.
  7. I tried that the first time and it didn't work. I guess I should download the newest version first.
  8. Oh, I have 1.60, so I guess that's the reason
  9. I downloaded this and put it in my Objectbar folder under program files, but it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?
  10. My god, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Your fonts won't install on my computer for whatever reason, even though I have other fonts of that type installed. Weird. Blitzr, I'll try yours.
  12. Where may we find this? It's not on your Deviantart...
  13. Oh, I didn't even notice that Thanks for the help! I feel so stupid now ;_;
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