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  1. Hey all, I hope you guys like this one.
  2. Thanks man that really means a lot.
  3. As requested by nightcrawler1089 I removed the pattern from the dark stripes. Check it out!
  4. Hey all, I added some new versions so I decided it would be easier to just make them a set. Check it out.
  5. Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks for the idea. Here ya go.
  6. My favorite singer, in wallpaper form. Enjoy!
  7. Yeah that sounds like a good idea, thanks!
  8. Here's a wallpaper mod I like to call "Blueness."
  9. Hey all, this is my second wallpaper release. I think I've found a new hobby, ;-).
  10. Hey guys this is my first wallpaper release. I hope you like it and if you don't let me know, I won't feel bad it only took me 15 minutes.
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