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  1. Arial Unicode MS and Lucida Sans Unicode for me. Arial Unicode MS is bundled with MS Office Lucida Sans Unicode is bundled with every copy of Windows NT 3.1 and later.
  2. It works! Now I know I can manipulate all these language files the way I like. Thanks millions!
  3. I'm using Vista (+Spanish MUI) and I just found out I could install Catalan LIP on top of it to make my WIndows Catalan. Before installation, my Safari was in Spanish, with all the menus and dialogues in Spanish. But after I installed the Catalan LIP, Safari went back to English. Is there any way to make my Safari (3.2.3 - 525.29) to display in Catalan, or at least in Spanish like the way it was? Moltes GrĂ cies!
  4. Hundred thanks to yorkey for the download link. I stepped back to Safari 3. I think I'm still not ready for the change. I'm so relieved all my bookmarks survived the uninstallation. * Though it sucks at displaying Thai, I'm typing this with my lovely Safari 3.2.2.
  5. Argh! I downloaded and installed it as soon as I saw this thread. I haven't used it yet BECAUSE I can't use it. This is what it looks like with GDI++ running. I can't read a thing. And it takes forever to start up, devouring half of my ram, hard drive spinning like a boy when he gets his new bike. * I would appreciate if anybody can provide me with information about where to download the previous version of Safari for Windows installer I need my old Safari back *sniff* * I'm typing this with Firefox
  6. Having multilingual community is a great idea indeed if its members can ensure there will be no banging about racism, ideology and politics.
  7. 5 mois plus tard et ce mec avec un seul post n'arrive plus jamais. I think someone has got to check if aqua-soft is banned in China like many other forums. -- Any Thais around?
  8. My little brother has been using 7 since a few months ago (that thing called pre-beta?) and he fell in love with it he even persuaded me to do the same thing. He had this new thing installed yesterday. I've tried it for a few hours, installing programs I have to use for work and they run pretty fine. Smiles: - Boots up a lot quicker than Vista (or maybe because it's still newly, clean installed). - The new taskbar is a bit too big for me but you get a couple of new functions in return such as windows media player mini-buttons (you can pause, play or get to the next/previous song without havi
  9. I use firefox and safari for most things except that I use IE for stocktrading. It requires IE I don't know why.
  10. After having installed and uninstalled FaK 3.5 many times during the past 2 weeks, I came to a conclusion that FaK 3.5 can actually work seamlessly with XP SP3. I have also tried installing FaK 3.5 before updating to SP3 but it didn't work. Many things were messed up after one reboot, e.g. the visual styles, screen saver and most of the changed icons. All I had to do was to update the SP3 right after completing the installation of a fresh Windows and then put the FaK 3.5 in later. It's working now (for me though). Oh, and the new SP3 is stable enough I can feel the difference. Thing
  11. I'm using Yahoo mail through Outlook Express and it works. (Is that pop3?) I think mine is not the paid service but I can still use the pop.
  12. Sorry to interrupt, will Flyakite 3.5 be affected by the update?
  13. Thank you. It's gorgeous.
  14. May the new year's holy water bring all a flow of happiness and blessings to you all. Happy New Year! Happy Splashing! especially for all in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Yunnan and Sri Lanka.
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