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  1. I have the same problem, you must exclude Firefox in GDI++ Open yr GDI++ Setting file (see in /ini/ dir) Find [ExcludeModule] Add Below: firefox.exe
  2. Hi devrexster, Today I've downloaded your app, but when I try to run it, it shows the Error Dialog ( "String not found" ), can you help me to solve this prob Thanks
  3. T_T I've tried with a lots of VS ( include Classic Style ), but it's still like this
  4. Hmm, Where did you get the Finder (Left Panel) ? , it's really koollll
  5. Could you Help me ?? Today I've downloaded NeXplorer 1.09, so when I run it, the result is .. (see the attach plz) So anyone can help me Thanks very much
  6. Wow!! Great Screen shot, so I would love to try it noww
  7. Wow, its cool !!!!!!!! But.. Is it discontinued >_< ??
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