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  1. Yeah, I'm on a mac. Get the icons to me and I'll convert them to whatever you like
  2. The C+H set I'm thinking of is for OSX, 128x128 size, with Spaceman Spiff and a really nice icon of Captain Stupendous (I think?). It's also pretty hard to find at this point, I'm afraid.
  3. Yeah, I saw that other thread about it.. I used to have the set on my old computer. It had a few I-apps and a bunch of pictures with the lawn gnome I think. I'd like to find the .sit with everything in it, but ya send that one you have; my email is [email protected] (Also, you don't happen to have the Calvin + Hobbes set, do you?)
  4. So far I've found this page which apparently used to link to the icons but is dead now. Anyone have this set??
  5. WOW. This is the device I need to set up my apartment stero system. Though, it'd be 10x better if you could stream anything (like movies!).
  6. No problem with the skin, it took me like 20 minutes to make
  7. I don't know why I never tried this before, but going through the advanced Appearanced setting in the display dialogue (where you select .msstyle files) and using either LucidaMAC or LucidaMAC Bold for almost everything makes every visual style look 100% better! Before, I was trying DesktopX/Samurize/AveDesk to pretty much just get the look from using fonts that antialias well on their own. Wow.
  8. Also, here's a Milk skin I just threw together.. just put it in your skins directory and set McBar to use it in the mcbar.ini file kinda neat, how the file's only 4k! Milk.zip
  9. Someone else could probably make this, once the .ini file's architecture is pretty set (like that 3rd party configuration utility for iEx) new screenshot looks awesome btw, Rimmer
  10. ha! I'm quoted on the site. crazy. I'm excited for the next release.
  11. If you use an alternate shell like bb4win it's really easy.
  12. I'm not sure exactly how it's done in ObjectBar, but Stardock does menu removing while showing the selected window's menu in the bar.. except that program is a big clunky mess and I'd love a smaller, faster program that ACTS more like aqua (like McBar does) instead of just looking like it.
  13. So, are you saying McBar itself won't be capable of displaying menus like Explorer, Mozilla, iTunes, etc. but eventually there will be plugins to do this? Also, I'm curious if you're planning to implement a feature to remove the menus which show up on McBar from the windows they first come from. Again, great work and keep it up!
  14. looks incredible Siwu, waiting patiently for a release! (ewww phpnuke, bleagh.. try mambo server)
  15. McBar looks awesome using OBFont instead of Lucida! Spotted a bug.. when you close a window, the menu stays on McBar until you click another window. Also, the menus that come down from the bar should move up probably 4 or 5 pixels, so they touch the bottom of the bar instead of floating just below it. Great work!
  16. This is definitely the best multiple-column explorer/finder implementation I've seen. Very impressive! I'm curious though, any possibility for single click instead of double click? I think that's how Finder works, if I remember right..
  17. This is wonderful.. I hope you have luck getting more/all applications' menus to show up on the bar! Then, it's just a simple matter of removing the menus from windows and.. wow
  18. mmmph.. if I get extra financial aid money like i think i will, it's going towards a powerbook. for sure.
  19. Well, it doesn't really flicker, it resizes from small>big>small etc. really fast
  20. Just a friendly suggestion from someone who knows a bit about logos and design.. Timan, I don't know if you have the site logo in separate layers or not, but if you do I'd suggest trying just the cursor as a favicon. The whole image gets too muddled and isn't really recognizable that small.
  21. If you implement proper 3-panel browsing, you won't need an up button. Also, I'm having a hard time getting any shortcuts onto the left pane..?
  22. found a bug: 1) open mcbar 2) ctrl-alt-del 3) click the left side of mcbar where it should say Windows Task Manager 4) click the title bar of task manager 5) weird submenu bug can be seen!
  23. This is amazing. I've been hoping someone would do this moreso than any other app. Awesome! What programming language is this written in? A workaround for people who want their top 20 or so pixels back: Make the windows taskbar unlocked. Move it up top, and then to wherever it was before. viola
  24. If you start an auction really low, it gets a bunch of people excited about it (case in point!); and perhaps some of them will continue bidding as the price goes up and up. Just another eBay selling strategy..
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