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  1. On a Mac you can change the size though, it's not alway big because you can make it small if you choose. Does this give the option of adjusting the size of the dock like on a Mac?
  2. If you want bluray -> PS3 If you want to interact more with the game -> Wii If you want an awesome game console -> XBOX 360 I personally would get an XBOX.
  3. Anyone heard of Psych? I just barely got into this and it's one of my favs now.
  4. New show, just aired today on FOX: Fringe - Simply amazing. I love it. I was instantly hooked.
  5. Those mock-ups are sweet! If that were the new nano I would seriously think about getting one. No matter what iPod they come out with though I'm sticking with my 5th generation video until it dies. Unless the touch becomes much more affordable.... About the iPhone style, it wouldn't need to be touch screen because those could just be indicators on the menu. I'm pretty sure that's not how the interface will be though.
  6. I've liked every single one, but I LOVE working on the new Aluminum iMac, it's just so sleek and nice.
  7. Like iGo said, it's not a touchbook, the picture is just the screen casing for the rumored new MacBook. It would look something more like this: P.S. I know it's not perfect, it's just to show what this rumor is saying.
  8. I was just about to quote him too when I saw his post. That show is HILARIOUS. I love how he always duct-tapes everything together.
  9. Everyone calm down. I actually know Forgoten from other forums and he did spell it like that way on purpose. He said once, when he was making a user on something it had a character limit so he dropped a t to make it fit and it's stuck ever since. Enough with the bashing.
  10. I've actually checked and it is pretty readable at normal size. You can tell it says Rockbox. @Forgoten: No problem I enjoyed making them. It was somewhat of a challenge to get it to look really close to how the real ones are.
  11. The Office, Heroes, Scrubs, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, House... and of course The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest guys ever. I just realized there are tons of good TV shows.
  12. Only problem is that he would probably chuck it full of garbage applications like with Windows. If only Macbooks were that cheap.... *sigh*
  13. I've had a Dell Dimension 9150 for somewhere from 2-3 years, it runs very well and is extremely reliable. Only problem is it has Windows on it... I've seen too many blue screens of death.
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