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  1. Hey. I realy dont know whats up with this now. The programmer hasnt contacted me for weeks. I sent him a cople of mails, but no luck. So I need someone else to code this. Please contact me if your up for the job. A week from now I'm getting a new mac, so I wont be working on this skin myselfe anymore. so I realy need a coder to bring this to you guys. I will be helping out as much as possible.
  2. It's still being working on, but I'm kinda busy, and so are the coder, so this will take some time. but it will be done.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I have one coder now, so we'll see what this guy comes up with, but help is still welcome.
  4. no I havnt. how does it work? I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip. Edit: So it is a skin catalog thing? we can probebly use this app to apply it, if there aint no drawback. but first we need to get a coder.
  5. yeah, it's all that Rle crap, I dont get it hehe. I have made most of the scelleton for the clist, just some sizing, putting the images in, moving stuff around and stuff left. but the colors and stuff, hmmmm... Need some help there. I havnt done alot to the convo window, and I dont think I will until I have finished the clist. Unless someone takes over the coding of this skin.
  6. Thanks for the nice comments guys. One more thing! If there is any Windows Blinds skinners out there, I need somebody to make that skin too. I dont have the right software to make a WB skin. So just contact me if your up for the job. I thought about making a matching Windows Blinds skin, for the rest of the system, with elements inspired by iTunes 7, like the scrollbars, and the new toolbar buttons. But need help with that. Btw. thnx for correcting my spelling in the topic, hehe
  7. Hey, nice to see that somebody remember me. and thanks for the comment glad you liked the design.
  8. Hey Click on the picture for full view. I'm making a MSN Live Messenger skin, but I'm stuck. So i'm asking for help with the coding. I have posted it as a request over at the Mess.be forum, here. There are some more pictures over there aswell. Any help is welcome. And comments about the layout are also welcome. -Magnus Wild
  9. hey... I have no time to work on this, and I|m sorry for that. to clear some stuff up. the search bar in the toolbar is not a real search bar. it is possible to do it, but I dont know how, I had the code, but lost it . if someone has it, plz give it to dan. I will try to help out as much as I can, but I'm afraid it wont be much. keep it up.
  10. super, well, I think we will use wordpress. contact vague about the coder job, we know you, so if this is something your up too, we will use u for sure..
  11. I'm sorry for that pat, I realy didnt know that. well when we get new coders we'll code everything over again. I'm sorry if it offended u in any way pat, and we'll remove it atonce we have the chance.
  12. Greetings and salutations from Vague and myself. As all of you probably know, a while back we started an Aqua modding community blog. We were near completion when suddenly, a tragic turn of events forced us to take a break. We have slowly tried to gain our strengths back, and whilst doing so we realized that we need staff members on our team to complete and maintain our blog. That being the case, we have decided on 3 additional team members for our project. That is what we are looking for. We have FTP access, a domain, and a gracious and formal host. Here are some of the mediocre things we
  13. humm, I think I was making that skin with dan. if anyone know dan, then just ask him for the skin files, I'm not sure if I have them, can prolly check. we got realy far on it, so no use in u guys starting all over. later dudes.
  14. love the top hat lou, good job on that, keep it up.. and got to love a tim burton movie...
  15. sorry I didnt pm you, been busy. but anyway, the new version is gr8, just that on the mac, u cant see the "i" button, so u cant change the settings... and one more thing, the little "o" is some times double. thnx for ur hard work... and the shadow is funny.... just too big and dark..
  16. ye, it´s kinda buggy on mac.. many small bugs.. and as Eyesonly pointed out, the "i" does not appear. I can prolly post some screenshots of the bugs if u are interested in making it mac compatible.
  17. u can just use my close button, and no need for credit, took me just a few sec´s, so.. glad I could help..
  18. looks nice, cant wait to try this.. your close button look a bit wrong though, so I made this for u, u dont have to use it though... thnx so much for your hard work...
  19. nope, I dont think spotlight find´s alias´s, not on my mac atleast..
  20. WTF are u talking about? if this project gets cancled, we say so.. it´s ppl like you that get´s project´s cancled.. I have pc problems, and have to work on a mac, so it´s kinda difficult for me to work on this skin, becouse I have to make everything mac compatible, but no biggi realy, we are going to start working in a few weeks.. stay tuned...
  21. well, why do I aquafy? well, I just like the way os x works, looks, and makes me feel.. and thats the only reson I need... why dont I switch? I have no idea...
  22. no, it's still on it's way duckie.. it's having a gr8 progress... and I have a feeling u wont have to wait long...
  23. hey pat, listen, he did do something, he started to code the forum skin, and was about to do the frontpage.. and he got problems with he´s pc... so plz, shut it...
  24. shut up pat... u dont know anything, there was more then one (you).. but the other coder had computer problems... pat go and hide in a cave...
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