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  1. The software toolbar icons? OK, I will upload all resources of the Office 2008 o(∩_∩)o...
  2. The 2008 new document icons has been uploaded. There are 29 ICNS, 29 ICO, and 29 PNG... Do you need the others 2004 old icons in Office?
  3. oh sure, but those are only 128px icons.
  4. Application Icons & Some Images, New Document Icons
  5. I think you can only Photoshop the 128px one to a 48px image, then save a ICO.
  6. XP can display 128px icons? But these ICO include 128px format... I think you can try, open any ICO in IconXP, and delete the 512x512 one in right side list, then save it.
  7. if you just make 128px ICNS, you can try IconXP, a very simple software. but it don't support 512px ICNS.
  8. UPDATE: 267 icons now. Here is all 512px icons of the Leopard. ICO: Live SkyDrive Download Address, FS 2 You Download Address (Thanks faye1016). PNG: FS 2 You Download Address (Thanks aidsen). Every ICO includes 16, 32, 128 and 256px image. They can be used directly in Vista, because Vista supports 512px icon. But if in the XP, it can only display 32px (or 16px) icon (Of course, you can Photoshop edit it by your self).
  9. Oh my friend, look at this: The webpage here: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/family/
  10. This is the Photoshop New logo of Adobe Official, I just make it to an icon. The Adobe official picture in the below, Click here enter this webpage. Goto download page And Welcome visit my Blog o(∩_∩)o
  11. Oh~very nice!! but..cannot be support Build 8 (17Jul2007)...
  12. Only have nine, I most need is the Dock icon.
  13. I heard that the Leopard icons size is the 512 x512. But I found all of the icons size is the 128 x128. And I downloaded a resource pack of Leopard,but the icons cannot be extract in Windows. Who has the Leopard of 512x512? Please give me... OK of .icn .ico .png and so on. Thanks a lot.
  14. http://picasaweb.google.com/hikarijako/Des...ctureCollection
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