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  1. Hey, i am looking for these icons: 1) http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/portage.jpg 2) http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/tags.jpg 3)http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/InnerTube.jpg 4)http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/asoundit.jpg 5)http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/axcessasia.jpg 6)http://rimshots.free.fr/medias/grapho.jpg Thanks so muuuuuuuuuuuch. SKYNetX
  2. Just apply the font you like. Then restart Avedesk, that should work
  3. Hey, is it possible that someone could upload three "Custom Icons" (Magic hat, Smile Chat, Internet...) from this site: http://www.icondesigner.net/ Thanks in advance SKYNetX
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