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  1. It looks quite nice, it's simple and the best of all... it's blue!! Great job
  2. That's an elegant workstation david
  3. Simple pictures, easy to take, but difficult not to love them!
  4. I think I've seen that camera icon at deviantart
  5. man this was like the funniest thing I've seen in a long long time, I had to take my glasses off and wipe them dry with a towel, soooo funny!
  6. I went to a ranch with some friends this summer and we were racing with ATVs and we were 3 guys in one and other two in another. We slowed down a little but as the others were really fast we crashed, our ATV gave a °180 spin in mid-air (I did too), it felled in the ground, gasoline started to leak, all my friends were bleeding except me (wooh, i'm lucky) and the others who were not racing came to aid us... When I was flying in the air I thought I would be paraplegic all my life xD. Now I don't race anymore!
  7. That's a nice wall Btw, when I saw the title I started to sing "Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away..." xD
  8. yeah, now they're weak & old and you can laugh back at them
  9. the camouflaged HD looks great
  10. that's awesome... i liked the colors and the idea
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