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  1. how about using the ical icon for sunbird
  2. Hello everybody.. I own a FJS notebook, my specs are: Processor: Pentium Centrino 1.6 GHZ Memory :752 MB RAM Graphic card: Intel extreme 82855 Will pearpc work as fast as a G4 1GHZ ?
  3. Hello fellow aqua-softians ... I have a request that Im sure many of us have... can somebody post different p2p clients icons, since the originals are ugly would be a good to see replacements for: 1- Shareaza 2-Ares and here is my conterbution Have a winmx one but its too large to attach
  4. ok these are my thoughts after using the program intensively: 1- the program's loading time needs to be enhanced. 2- the popup image (the style is loading wait for a while) should either be removed; it takes ages to go away even when the theme is loaded. 3- I am not sure if this is in the full version but again the popup image (Styler) at the loadup should be removed no need for it and it slows the loadup process. 4- the program seems to have slowed the loading of explorer when double clicked on my computer's icon. 5- a black icon in the taskbar to go well with the volume, avede
  5. This program is amazing !!! it is shapeshifter for windows !!!! wooohooooo !!! I even think that making new themes is not so hard !!! but still this piece of software is a bit pricey !!! :-P I for one may afford it but the rest of they guys over here are mainly students !!! by the way please create an account other than paypal because it does not support many countries ie UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait. worldpay or something should support them !!! we are 4 users who are very intersted but cant buy because our country (Bahrain) is not supported !!!
  6. Hello runasoft.... I tried this several times, but didnt work. Deleted the directory and still no hope !!! By the way I never changed the defualt directory !! So where do I go from here ? :confused:
  7. Hi runasoft... Thanks for your reply, I only installed the program on the other pc to check if the program will do the same action if double clicked on, yes I only got to the reg activation once !!! and that was on my laptop not on the normal pc !! the laptop is brand new !!! and i dont use any debuggers cuz I know jack about programing, beside using qbasic ages ago in class "hello world" hehehehheh. so what are my options ? please help runasoft I wanna start skinning my itunes
  8. Hello runasoft.... I have bought the program through an older account that i totally forgot about !! hehehe ok I downloaded the program and it ran fine on my notebook yesterday after I installed it, got to the activation screen but didnt fancy logging on the net because it was so late... tried running the program today but nothing happens !! doesn't run ??? no erorr messege no nothing !!!! tried running it on my other pc samething happens !!! double clicking on the icon, waiting for something to happen but nothing comes up on the screen ! Notebook: cantrino m 1.6 (just out of the
  9. Hi Runasoft... Your prog is amazing and I've been wanting to purchase it but the problem is that paypal does not support my country !!! could you please find a suitable payment method please ? Thankyou
  10. Hi guys.. just a quick request !! where can I get the black avdesk taskbar icon ? looked for it all over the forum with no luck !!! could somebody help please ? cheers
  11. Hi Hills.. Thanks for this great theme !! can i ask you for aa favour though ? where can I get the wallpaper in your screenie ?
  12. hello everybody.. everything ran smoothly but I am stuck on the last 20 mins of the installation process for 6 hours does anyone know why ? >.< cheerz :naughty:
  13. ok i'll take your word for it ibanezcollector... cheerz
  14. hello people.. I've been reading about 2 harddisk images a 3GB and a 6GB, I found the 3 gb at emaculation but would like to know where can i get the 6 gb one .. Thanks guys :naughty:
  15. Hello everybody.. just a silly question, what comes on the panther cds ? cheerz :naughty: ------------------ Topic tagged. -Pe7er
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