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  1. me too. Using rk_launcher 0.41 beta build 282, XP SP3. After loading the docklet, there's a windows explorer crash. Same result when clicked on the icon.
  2. the latest update rox! but there seems to have a problem. I am using RKLauncher, I use the 'hide all' feature then it shows the desktop and launcher. once i hover onto the launcher and out of it, the 'hide all' feature disappears (showing back the windows) is this problem face by anyone else?
  3. Cool, waiting for the updates! Thanks in advance
  4. Nice expose! One problem when using CAD (CD Art Display) program. As the hide all windows option also hides the CAD window even though it is being pin on to desktop. Is there anyway to not handle the CAD window? Thanks.
  5. Where can i find the original dashboard calendar for yahoo widget? like this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/uk/3...ndar_widget.png
  6. I think i found the hotkey. It is Ctrl+Alt +left or right arrow is it?
  7. The hotkey Window key + Cursor left click n right click doesnt seems to work.
  8. I think the 'Class already exist' is a sure have.
  9. Power v0_2_0 docklet The problem is that the icon of the docklet shown does not match with the % of the battery. Example, when the battery is 50%, the docklet icon show 40% icon.
  10. Thx mps69, now don have any problems anymore xD
  11. when i open the rklauncher.conf file, i don see any 'Performance' there. and previously..i also have the save error..which i use the method that the other thread stated
  12. yea..using the latest nightly build
  13. After i set the performance, i go to the performance tab, the settings is reseted again. The quality is changed to "High" and the magnify in and out indicators are at the very left-side. Anyway to save the settings?
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