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  1. mflo How do you get the small window thumbnails on the top left of the desktop like that?
  2. How does objectbar run on vista? does it support vista x64 and does it use alot of memory to run?
  3. Can someone please tell me what skin and styler TB this is?
  4. I've been thinking lately about buying myself a Mac so I need some advice from you guys and girls about it. I've used pretty much only used Windows and have no knowledge or experience using a mac but lately ive been tempted in getting a mac, firstly I would like to know about how windows runs on a mac. I read about boot camp with which one can install windows xp. Could someone tell me how stable windows xp runs on a mac and what about software compatibility do all the windows softwares run perfectly fine? The reason why i want to know about how windows xp runs on a mac is because there are so
  5. Here's what I've got for this month.
  6. sorry for the previous bump mps69 and thanks alot coldwerturkey thats exactly what I wanted.
  7. thanks for the link but I extracted clist_modern file in to my plugins folder but I dont see it in my miranda plugins section how do i enable it and I dont see customize -> skin in my options?
  8. Is there any where else I can download Modern contact List from, Miranda website it down since yesterday..
  9. I just started using RK launcher and think its a very cool software but Ive come across one problem which I never faced in Object Dock. Whenever I launch a game and whenever I bring my mouse to the bottom of the screen where I have set my dock position to, my game minimizes to the desktop. I would really appreciate some help. thanks
  10. colophon can you tell me what toolbar your using and theme please.
  11. Nod32 and Kaspersky are the best antivirus softwares...
  12. I really want help can someone tell me how to install this app, Ive done everything the readme file says... it just does not install for me please help.
  13. great desktop, nice wallpaper could you please share it?
  14. Can somebody please help.. Im having the exact same problem. uninstall and reinstall didnt work for me.
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