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  1. My desk was based on a Windows Seven concept through derstrodt's PSD file. Thanks to him. Do leave a reply on this If u like
  2. Wonderful... thks for the great finish
  3. Yeah that does happen on startup n shutdown...! Doesn look good but still i'll take it for this neat app..! But then anyone has any idea of why it comes n a solution if possible
  4. lol ur work is a gem...! Always had a place in my desk
  5. Wow awesome..! I love it
  6. Change the style to normal window in desklet properties
  7. lol vista support shadows by default...! Why do u need Yz...! But anyways i haven tried that
  8. They are wonderful...! On my desks
  9. tats my pleasure...! cause there were days when I struggled for al this..! after all helping people gives a place in heaven
  10. try creating a new dock n see...! Probably u will... I'm not sure cause i'm on RK at present
  11. U have to add that option in the config...! This might help u better http://www.stardock.com/products/objectbar...sp#System_Tray_
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