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  1. Here's a pic of my setup, sorry about the image quality, I don't have a working camera so had to use my phone ^^Where can I find this wallpaper too?
  2. I have your exact dream machine Husaini
  3. I'd like to see Macbook Pro's lowered in price substantially, Macbooks getting a makeover with Macbook Pro design, Apple doing something with the bastard child that is the Apple TV, the Mighty Mouse being updated, and some sort of Tablet for graphic designers, not a sub-notebook or a multi-touch hybrid thing. A real, large, functional tablet for real designers. I think that could shake up the market a little.
  4. It was taken by Susumu Yoshida and I am also looking for this wallpaper if anyone knows
  5. I have been searching for the wallpaper used on Susumu Yoshida's cinema display in these photos with no avail, so I thought I'd ask here. http://susumu.seph.ws/wp-content/uploads/2...4/my_desk_1.png http://susumu.seph.ws/wp-content/uploads/2...4/my_desk_2.png http://susumu.seph.ws/wp-content/uploads/2...4/my_desk_5.png Thanks!
  6. No photo but here's what my setup is now - iMac 2.0GHz 20" 3GB RAM Apple Wired Keyboard+Mouse iPod touch 16GB iPod 5G 80GB white iPod universal dock Apple Remote
  7. fuubuu got an iMac - http://fuubuu.deviantart.com/art/Boxing-Day-72990736 no preview, too busy playing with my mac.
  8. 5471 songs, 15.1 days, 31.52GB Started using my 80GB more often Just a playlist for my touch
  9. Yeah the only thing missing is native interface. It's so difficult to browse files in it at the moment.
  10. It's very, good, not quite the PSP version but it will be soon I imagine.
  11. http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/IPhone Alot of games are fully playable, Monkey Island and Sam and Max on the go ftw!
  12. Just go onto Jailbreakme.com and click install. Safari will hang for a few seconds, a dialog box will show up showing your percent. You can't possibly brick, all you have to do at most if it fails is Restore in iTunes.
  13. I just posted it up on the screenshot link
  14. 4.79GB, 992 songs. My actual collection is about 40GB 10,000+ songs, I just keep stuff in my library I am listening to at the moment.
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