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  1. Np, if you guys want keep the requests coming I'm bored haha Alright so I'm working on another verion of making the buttons look like the iTunes ones do on Vista Edit: Okay I have manged to do two things with the menubar, one is completely remove it with nothing left, and the next is make the menubars text completely transparent but the menubar is still there. Was attempting to do one with the iTunes buttons but it won't work safari squishes the buttons down a lot Safari Menubar Mods.zip
  2. xP true true O.o haha nice one (: xD that is true she did get hit by a "car" haha
  3. No prob man, and yes. I had however thought about doing it a little earlier that day
  4. Mines nothing compared to anyof yours, but here it is. When I was littler maybe like 6 or 7 my brother had this huge tv cabinet across from his bed, a and I used to rock back and forth on the edge of his bed well one day I had been rocking back and forth when I slipped flew forward and hit my head on the corner of it, I almost got a concussion I stopped doing that after than. The next thing is a party I went to in October a bunch of people started swinging me by my arms and legs and than threw me into a soccer net, I landed on my head hard and the whole soccer net broke,snapped and fell on me
  5. Edit: New Version out this one has the real Leopard min/max/close buttons I couldn't find any scrollbars in the newest verions of safari, and as I know there is no way to hide the menubar without completely removing it. I don't know what code/language/script the safari menus are written in so I can't go much farther with that. I will work on poking through iTunes files to see if I can change anything there, but I have to shut my laptop off now since it's getting really hot Leopard Safari 3.1.2 Mods.zip
  6. No prob, glad you enjoyed. Everyone feel free to comment on improvements or suggestions
  7. np, How much RAM do you have installed on your computer? Safari runs fine on my laptop with 768 MB and several apps open a long with Safari Download for 3.1.2 Added Safari 3.1.2 Mods.zip
  8. Its for the Apple Developer preview of Safari from Connect.apple.com That should be version 3.1.2? If not let me know, and I'll get on it tomorrow Edit: To mvosx1094, I am sorry I updated it for the ADC preview version of Safari. I am Working on finishing it for version 3.1.2 The ADC Safari version was version 4, but installed on 3.1.1
  9. Hey Guys I just finished Mods for The Safari 4 Developer Preview Yesterday. Hope you enjoy, I fixed the min,max,close buttons so they work perfectly on fully maxed and normal window sized Safari 4 Dev Mods.zip
  10. The one I used, Is shareware. Resource Tuner and SiComponents Resource Builder will show the images Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I only started feeling better yesterday Edit: I will be updating for the ADC version later today
  11. Okay, I've been feeling horrible for a week now so I haven't had time to work on this. I appreciate your patience with this project . It means a lot to me that people still want me to work on it. I tried replacing the scroll bars a while ago and there are no resources, I've looked in many dll's but nothing was found. @ the second part, I forgot the name of the resource editor I used to do this with since the laptops hard drive with this on it crashed, It viewed PNG's, TGA's and a lot of others correctly..I'll look it up
  12. Yeah there is still no way to hide the menu without removing it completely, I don't feel good right now so I'll maybe work on updating it later
  13. lol I might pick this back up if theres a new release of Safari.. theres no way to make it look perfect right now with the buttons and there problems. I also can't hide the menu without completely removing it..I might continue it if enough people still want it?
  14. Edit: Picking the project back up in a few days...I have a few regents and finals to do and than I'm free to work on my [email protected]!!
  15. Hehe working on it I removed it but It was not at all accessible at all when I removed it, still working on it tho
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