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  1. stupid me...thx for the help ;D testing it tomorrow ^^
  2. REQUIRES AVETUNES! Comments, Bugs, Suggestions Welcome... Tested on AveDesk 1.3 and AveTunes 3 a lot of work still needs to be done... thanks to ave(for AveDesk) It's just a mod of PerfumeNK's skin To install copy the contents to Your AveTunes skin folder (Probably C:Program FilesAveDeskDeskletsAveTunesSkins) download: Cd Cover DROP POCKET
  3. hey, i create a new skin for avetunes. my problem is that avetunes hide the overlay if there is no album cover =( so how can i make it to show the overlay even if there is no cover??
  4. how do i rotate a picture with this comands?
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