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  1. Here are some photos I took awhile ago (on my full 2 megapixel camera...Im a little behind on photo technology) when I was studying abroad. I made them black and white and then trimed them to fit 1920x1200. enjoy http://buddyd16.deviantart.com/art/BW-Landscapes-75080821
  2. Fletcher those are some great ideas that I too would like to see implemented. Your "each button is actually a button" idea I mimicked in a skin I was working on recently it ended up having 5 sub folders for each button to create all the hover states and button push animations in the end the skin wound up having to many little flaws that were taking me way to long to sort out because of all the sub folders so I scrapped it completely.
  3. try a smaller blur ratio like 5 and see if you can see the shadow then
  4. thank you DJ ......I'll make the next bunch of invites that get requested here
  5. djwilliams I tried that account you posted and when I tried to send an invite it said there were no more available. Thank you for posting the account info though.
  6. DJ seems to be out of invites would anyone else be able to send me one at [email protected] Thank you to anyone that does
  7. thanks for all the comments everybody .....I graduate college in a week so i should be able to start making more detailed skins I have a few ideas on paper that I haven't had the time to follow through on because of class work so look for at least 2 releases in the future. quick question for you all would you rather have a skin change variations by just pushing a button on the skin or by choosing the variation from a list that pops up. See my milk bar skin for what I mean by a list popping up.
  8. or just click the download button on the deviantart page you linked to
  9. yeah I'm also a fan of the smaller version the big one came first and then I made one to fit between my screens edge and my dock
  10. well done ...I'm a big fan of the minimal skins
  11. if you all are having problems with the appearance of the message histories from glitch's last release let me know I fixed that and can tell you the code changes that need to be made....its real simple Oh I just found this thread also I'm looking into the message grouping trying to learn from other templates how its done. Seems like it might be somewhat easy to accomplish once I understand the process.
  12. being an engineer I just want to say thank you this theme rocks and my coworkers are now jealous (sp?)
  13. hello everyone long time no see I made this awhile back and figured I should finally share it. basically just a black box that displays current track info and has prev, play, and next commands. There are two versions one is 600x100 pixls the other is 300x100 pixels. (if there are requests I can modify pretty much everything and anything cause I actually have a psd for this one) Anyway enough chat here is the SS and download links: Big Small
  14. looks pretty good reminds me a little bit of my old milk bar skin I like how you did the mouse over showing volume and rating and the milkish border around the album art.
  15. looks great Dobee only thing I can suggest is instead of using a blue box with a cross in it to expand the tray maybe use something less intrusive. Maybe just a small black triangle, or small black cross. thanks for making this theme.
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