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  1. Isn't minimo a PocketPC firefox version?
  2. Because M$ thinks that IE6 compatibility is the best thing ever.
  3. IE has one purpose: Downloading firefox (or opera, safari, etc). Thats it.
  4. AquaDock is already taken--as a ResHacked Y'z Dock because Y'z Dock was stopped by apple. But now they don't even stop the better ones! Go BananaDock!
  5. but what about a msstyles?
  6. tihiy at msfn.org made a 32 bit icon patch for 2000
  7. McBar (osx-e.com) supports alpha trans, and caputres real menus (+hides orignials!). However it does't work for explorer and shows no menu. Names also can't be customized.
  8. Crashes my comp if you do that. And i think he wants it like the mac, where the trash turns to eject...
  9. I want to write stand-alone programs, but to use a scripting language instead of like C or C++ because I don't want to have to program every little part. Is there a language/IDE thing that you could recommend?
  10. You can use WINE for windows (winehq downloads) uxtheme.dll and winelib.dll to work on win9x.....
  11. You were right about what I meant. Is raduking going to fix this?
  12. Say you have a firefox window minimized. Then you click on the normal firefox icon in the dock to open that window. Then the minimized window will stay in the dock until you click it. Can you fix that? It makes it hard to use RK launcher... Thanks for the great program RaduKing, ICEFIRE
  13. Does anyone know if Hobbes would care if i modified this/redistributed it?
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