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  1. Dr.Who with David Tennent or lost land of the jaguar or life in cold blood...
  2. went to comet today, they send it off to apple on the 12 june, and they still not receved it yet. Phoned apple they just said to go into the shop i sent it through. Which i have done. Hopefully ill get it back this week.
  3. Nah, i did it through Comet as i have an extended warrenty on it. (they maybe good, i never fully trust any electronical products!) Nah i didnt leave anything of jailbreak, i restored the thing back to manufactur settings.
  4. Hello, not be on for a while due to college and re-housing animals. I baught a touch (16gig) about 4 weeks ago, and i jailbroke it then it would'nt read on my computer so i 'reinstalled' it and it didnt read on ANY computer :/ and as well it wouldnt connect to the internet and kept playing for 5 seconds (no music came out) and then it skiped to another track. I think the software has gone tits-up or it really dislikes Slipknot! Its been away at apple for 2 weeks now, and i've not hurd anything. They usualy take a while to repare products? Thanks for any help Jammy.
  5. you could try this place. hxxp://www.zymic.com/ got my website(s) hosted here. Pretty good, specially for free
  6. VLC player plays MKV. you can get it on loads of OS formats. And you can get it for OSX. Jammy.
  7. these are awesome.... like em allot.
  8. i had a good day to. having lunch today, raining really hard and the barn (work on a farm park) the rain started flooding the place hehe was well fun so glad i had lots of red bull, had to move heavy wooden tables & my tickets for my next gig, Turisas, arrived today & saw bullet for my valentine last night (still happpy about that!!) woopie best day for ages.
  9. ^^ wtf??? I would go for Digital SLR if you have the money, i recon the best ones are Canon EOS 400D, Nikon D40, Nikon D300. Or you could look at the bridge cameras. Quite a good range there, like the Fuji Finepix series. i have the S9600, got a good zoom, 20-300mm (eq 30MM) but crap @ anything higher than 800ISO. this is a great website, loads of information on new, old and cameras which are soon to be releced.... http://www.dpreview.com/ If you have no budget at all i would go for this only £5498.99. I think its an awesome camera. Slightly over priced.
  10. Ahh.... thanks all . when i get paid, i'll be buying a mac mini then (the top spec one!), Yeah i'll stick with intel so i can have a play with bootcamp (if it comes with it!)
  11. true. But im going into the animal care industry, so i wont need that much html nollage . (and side part, computer graphics design, and C++ game programming) but i know how to make websites in dream weaver (using design view, i think i should have said that in original posts) but the problem is getting a nice looking photography website. (main hobby and want to sell stuff, wont sell if website looks crap) only ones i managed to produce are crappy ones which look like blogs (hate blogs)
  12. Hi, Im trying to make a website in dreamweaver, not going well only no a little HTML. I know ilife is easy to create photography websites, with nice flashy gallerys. So i'm gunna have to get one of them to make the website.(dont have enough time to learn, css, flash, java)... so which mac would you recommend? i only want it for Ilife, nothing else (apart from storage) which mac would you recommend? Imac - £800 <-- a bit extreme for just wanting it for Ilife... Mac Mini - £400 <-- slightly better. But still over priced. Or would i be better off buying a Laptop. as it has bui
  13. I love windows, best OS on the market(IMO!!!). As someone says it has some bugs, but you use the computer like me, just for photoshop and gaming, you don't really find any bugs!! It's just the skin is so bland and plane and just boring... Modifying it is the best.
  14. Nice, shame it dose not work on windows SP3
  15. How is that possible? where will all of the hardware go? by the look of the drawings the mb takes up half the space. Unless they make it thicker i personally cant see how that would work. Wouldn't it be cheaper for apple (and consumer) if they made the hard drive removable, and have the docking station, It will take up less space, that seems more logical. Or have a usb cable from the mb - the workstation so its compatable with all types of computer (some how have a transfer program installed onto the imac) Just my personal opinion. Good idea though.
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