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  1. is there any preview? how does it looks anyway?
  2. well for me in everyday browsing im using both FF and IE7. FF lacks tab page thot i still like FF. IE7 have a tab page when you press crtl+Q. now im testing google chrome. and i say i really like it!!! since ive imported all the bookmarks i had in FF and the location on its folder and everything is still the same so using chrome wont trouble me much. im thinking that ill probably switch my browser combo to FF and chrome. wont be needing IE7 now since it still has a high tendency to crash. also i like the simple and neat looking interface of chrome + the fact that java scripts runs faster as
  3. Mime type says javascripts right? and the website im viewing loads with javascripts. ofcourse i know java is not javascript. yeah my Java 6 update 2 was already installed before i installed safari. ok i'll try to re-install it again. ...screw safari... it sucks in windows i suppose.. sometimes when i browse a site it says it cant load and i have to refresh 3-4 times just for that site to respond. stupid stupid safari. i thot t'was cool. maybe the installer i've downloaded still has some bugs. thot t'was the latest.
  4. i have. when i use IE7 or firefox javascripts work except for safari.
  5. "text/javascript" MIME type it says
  6. im getting confused with the mime type plug-in in safari. i dont know too much about safari bcause im a PC windows user but i installed the browser. where can i download the plug in for that mime type plug-in? javascripts dus'nt load when im using safari browsing some sites. ok the thing that confuses me is that i tried to search for the plug in and i saw this MAC support something. so does that mean i cant use that plug in bcause the mime type only works in MAC and not for windows?
  7. yeah thats right! thot someone in devshed forums told me this yesterday. thanks btw my problem is solved.
  8. i already set my settings to show hidden files and folders. but when i go here C:Documents and SettingsnameLocal Settings theres no Temporary Internet Files folder ----------- about the firefox ok how do you save files such as .swf? i've installed the download embedded add-on on my firefox2. but when i tried to save the .swf file i want on some sites i dont see any save options when i right-click on the flash images. lol how can this be.. omg.
  9. i have 3 browsers my default browser is IE7 and i have firefox and safari. in my IE7 i cant find my temporary internet files before im able to locate them in my previous browser IE5 C:Documents and SettingsnameLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5 now i cant seem to find this in IE7 does anyone know how? or in firefox or safari too. im looking for it bcause i want to get the .flv and .swf files i get when i go to youtube or other websites. need help please. Thread moved to correct forum. Title edited. -SirSmiley
  10. yeah! thanks ojalord! and to all of you too!
  11. anyone here knows how can i disable this display?? i want my windows explorer to be spacious like this for instance. is that possible to disable?
  12. ohhh~ thanks! so thats it. i'll give it a try.
  13. any one knows where to find one? i think theres no forum site for rainmeter T_T
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