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  1. If I'm not mistaken what you have to do is downgrade your itunes to the last version multi-plugin was made for . As far as Internet explorer, everybody here is right dont use it . Its full of security holes and is probably the slowest browser out there today. Use firefox or even download the PC version of safari on Apple.com
  2. Yea i think that probably is one of the few ones ever released... this thread is is for new ones..lol Its the thought that counts though.
  3. Ecko Phat Farm Enyce Sean John Akademicks RocaWear
  4. no problem, i hope to see some more on here soon.
  5. Share your transparent object bar themes here (Please also post the wallpaper it corresponds to.) I'll start it off with this one Space leopard objectbar to use with aura wallpaper like so.. much thanks and all props go to LOSTFAN for the work download it here http://www.sendspace.com/file/ueeytx
  6. Hey Raats would you ever consider sharing some of your other transparent object bars.....(for people out there who have a hard time with photoshop)?
  7. I've been using this mighty mouse for almost 2 years now.... it works fine...but only thing is the scroll ball doesnt work anymore.
  8. Yea just keep trying it... It does that sometimes.
  9. Yes my friend all your info will still be there. I've downgraded gone back to new updates and so and so on, and I haven't lost my library/album art/edit/etc.
  10. The first one worked, but I tried....regsvr32 StylerTB.dll.... and it gave me the same return code
  11. Here u go, try this.... http://www.docs.co.kr/download.php#D2
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