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  1. It is not free spinning like beryl unless they've added that with their official release.
  2. ^ I believe I did answer the question. Or should I have included a link? There is the previously mention Windows Powertoy. There is TaskSwitchXP?. There is AltSwitch. I have not tested the latter two and prefer the default.
  3. To get the vista version, you really just have to get vista as xp doesn't use vista's dwm. You can find some knockoffs that are not too efficient, though.
  4. I've been running the beta of this for awhile with no huge bugs. It's definitely just eye candy, but fun nonetheless.
  5. For all of you Mac or Windows lovers or haters this article is definitely an interesting read. "Is Apple the New Microsoft" - Mike Elgan
  6. The McDonald's ad wears on you as you play. If they had more than one sponsor it would be far less annoying. *Took me 2 hours to download.
  7. Probably MS OneNote or one of the many journal apps out there. Evernote 2 is good as well.
  8. You install new hardware in your house and start to look for the reboot key. You don't cut an apple pie into slices. You partition it. You are late for class/work and blame it on lag. You get phone calls from your computer. You pass those signs that tell you your speed and scream "HIGH SCORE!" You take notes in html with css formatting.
  9. Um... It's projecting light on air. Not smoke. Not a wall. Air. It's lame compared to what exactly?
  10. In their latest call for submissions series Lifehacker "Wants to see your Desktop." This is just a heads up for you customizers and tweakers out there if you want to show off to a wider audience.
  11. I didn't even notice this post, but I was up at 3:15 am MDT to 5:45 documenting the eclipse through a fairly hefty telescope. It had a slight reddish hue. I believe the next one we'll be able to see is in February.
  12. Unfortunately, starting the iCar will ultimately lead to the spinning circle of futility.
  13. It's just going to look like the Mac mouse. With an antenna or fin.
  14. Um. They're cameras. They explain that the cameras recognize things like the brushes, cups ets, so those devices need no bluetooth etc.
  15. Has anyone seen reports of AT&T denying they made the call or have any more info on the story? I agree that it sounds somewhat sketch, but if they do have the software, they could make bank.
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