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  1. i think is f8.. and its on the settings.
  2. unable to get to sound settings and wallpaper settings. any idea why is that so? cause i could not silent the click sound when using keyboard of my ipodtouch. see the pictures. i could not find the wallpaper and sound settings... ipod firmware3.0
  3. kind of like th conrer dark grey.. but yea the pink looks...... did you do anything to itunes before? if not a fresh install should do the trick
  4. i had some issues with ubunt thou.. but i m using it. you need to get the advance configuration for compiz in order to configure your eye candy well... and about the sudo apt.. nah thats just a way to ensure you got it right by online tutorials.. both issues can be solved... with synaptic package manager.. you can install things that way... similar to how cydia works on ipod and iphone i think....
  5. it will be funny if new audio cds will have something like the sega cds.. stating the drm.. and the disk is drm protected and can only be played with drm enabled cd players.. if not the cd will explode and breaks into pieces..
  6. apparently i used a registry to change the system sound so now my default windows vista sound is the new one made by the registry. apparently the registry is for xp and not vista.. so right now my system sound is all missing files. i cannot default the system files. so is it possible to provide me with which file from c:/windows/media fits the respective sound like asterisk is which file and so on?
  7. i meant like make the thrid storage (1st being osx storage, 2nd for xp storage) the storage for my osx home folder. and also my windows xp "my documents" so that i can share music in between both operating systems
  8. i meant like making a third partition with the format of like fat32.. then both os can open that partition right? is that possible?
  9. i was just wondering if using bootcamp to install windows xp, will i be able to share the storage? (song folders can be opened with both operating system. also. acer did not give me a full windows xp installation cd. instead it is a acer empowering technology disk where you insert the disk it installs xp along with drivers for you. can i use this for bootcamp? thanks
  10. virtual os boot loader.. give it a try...
  11. after jailbreaking with quickpwn, can i unjailbreak it by restoring the original proper firmware?
  12. tried it.. it could not work... trying to make it work for devil may cry 3.
  13. some fullscreen applications like games does not have a nonfullscreen function. so is there a software that does this? thanks!.
  14. http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/08/08/11/0317209.shtml kill switch...
  15. http://www.itwire.com/content/view/19962/1103/
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