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  1. In order to open a new tab just press Ctrl+T. ~Jordan
  2. OK, is there a way to skin them just like in Leopard? Thanks! ~Jordan
  3. I'd like to have FF minimize into it. Is it possible to have reflection (like in Leopard). Thanks! ~Jordan
  4. Would you mind posting a link to that theme? Thanks! ~Jordan
  5. Could someone please make a stack plugin for ObjectDock (the things that fan out in Mac OS X Leopard), or does someone know where I can get the plugin? Thanks! ~Jordan
  6. How did you make that reflection in the bar? Thanks! ~Jordan
  7. I glad you decided to switch. Mac rules!
  8. Sorry, I couldn't help posting multiple pics when I got RumShot. @nessa-Thanks for answering my question. ~Jordan
  9. How is everyone putting borders around they're pictures? Thanks! ~Jordan
  10. The word "millions" really stuck out in that first paragraph: ~Jordan
  11. He's just trying to be helpful. One time I was stuck with Windows98 (now I'm stuck with XP ) and I would of been glad to be able to skin it. ~Jordan
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