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  1. I don't know why, but I get that same message sometimes too. All of my usb ports are 2.0, yet sometimes when I plug something into them, Windows tells me that they aren't. It might be an issue within Windows XP, but I am not sure of this.
  2. It's really amazing what you are giving away to the community. If I could be so kind as to request an account on needlemen. What do I need it for? I am currently designing and automotive site that should really be quite successful once it comes out. I am looking for a great hosting provider, but as I am under the age of 18, the hosting service must be free of charge. This is why I am replying to this thread. Thanks a lot for the opportunity and I hope to hear back from you!
  3. i also get corrupted message...
  4. i think that would make a nice wallpaper too.
  5. My website isn't finished yet; therefore I do not want to release the website to the public as of yet.
  6. Hey guys. Good news, my car site is almost complete. I think that its going to be a hit. But in order for it to be a real success, I need to ask you guys for a favor. You see, I am in a referal program that gives me more space and bandwidth every "x" number of people that go to it. If you can please be as kind as to click on the following link to help me out, I would really appreciate it. AmeriBass Referal Program
  7. Thanks Jousco, I looked through the list and found many interesting deals. But does anyone out there use one of these hosts that they would recommend?
  8. Hey guys, not long ago i signed up at 100webspace.com for a free account that I was planning to use for my new site. Anyway, lately, freeserverhost.net, the server that 100webspace.com put me on, has been having trouble. It states on their site that they are currently undergoing hardware changes and that the server should be up in no time. 4 days have passed now. From time to time, my site does show up for about 10 minutes, but then their server goes down once again. I know that waiting this out will probably solve the issue, but I was wondering if any of you guys out there new of any other fr
  9. wow, i was looking so forward to this and now that i finally got it.... ITS AMAZING!!! great job. i love the sounds that are included in the package. :woot:
  10. wow! looks great. where can we get the wallpaper?
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