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  1. I normally don't post in this thread but I found myself very bored tonight. I'm running a custom built PC Asus P5k Deluxe Mobo nVidia BFG 8600GT 3GB DD2 RAM 2x 320GB SATA HD's HP DVD-R/W+Lightscripe I'm using a 19inch wide ProView monitor. I use this for DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2008 and Blender. Oh, and ofcourse Call of Duty 4!
  2. Ok, thats cool. So I can cancel my appointment with the eye doc now. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see whats up your sleeve.
  3. Your wanting quickview for XP? or Leopard?
  4. I noticed in the selection box there's leo skin but the download doesn't include it. is it not ready or am I just blind and not seeing it?
  5. Whoa.....stop right there..Keep on the Ubuntu side! lol. Ubuntu has alot of potential. Gentoo has too many derivatives right now. Ubuntu needs something done. Here's a task I've been working on...maybe you can complete it. Intergrate Beryl upon install. Unless there's already a distro out there like that, but i've yet to find it.
  6. I wasn't meaning to 'dis' you or your efforts. I just think it was WAY too early to release. Keep up the work, but don't be so eager to release. Dont' want to get shot down fast.
  7. Where is the download to this? To be honest it sounds like a peiace of crap. Why slipstream linux? Linux is supposed to our alternative from slipstreamed windows. I've been using linux for over 10 years now and to be honest I didn't think Ubuntu and it's derivatives would never make it in the linux society. But to my suprise it has. It isn't able to compete with Fedora or Mandrak(now Mandrivia) but it's holding it's own. Folks like you taking something that a group worked so hard to bring out is ruining it with your alterations. Say a newb downloads your slipstreamed distro and has a horrible time, they'll be turned off and not come back. I think you should take this down and work on it a few more months or years then release it. It took Ubuntu 2 years to release. Follow their footsteps and make something good out of it.
  8. I posted one called TransparentWindows under the name djwilliams or dj_williams not sure....I designed it to do just that. you can set the trans level for each window or all window. just search the forum.
  9. Ok, I'll be releasing another version in a bit, We can do a winamp style skin? I dont know?!?
  10. tsk, I(aka Dremation, DJ_Williams) wrote that application for gman.(german) Are you using XP? I'm using an alphablended window for the drop shadow thats only supported on XP and up. Also, are running this out of a zip? If so, extract it. Did you delete any files?
  11. Yes, I can fix this to allow uploading to your account. In order to do that you'll need your ImageShack user ID# Lilke mine is : d0590d9d36b5a0ae1a9d72172483ff1a you can find that by login in and then visiting http://profile.imageshack.us/registration/ to get that key.
  12. Are you doing this in Visual Basic? I've got some code I did a while back for a finderbar clone that can read photoshop menus along with almost every other kind of menu. For those windows that does have proper handles to the menu or that just return ID's, you can code it to load a custom def file with the strings per application title or class title. So say Photoshop isn't supported,but you see the proc. Load the def file associated with that proc. It's how I was handlig menus not supported by my code. Anyway, if you need anymore help, I can lend a hand.
  13. I'm able to help you get support for photoshop, and other applications that you can't support right now. I wrote a finderbar a while back and just stoped fooling with it. The code is fairly advanced, but I"m willing to part with it if you plan to continue developing this.
  14. This will upload an image to ImageShack and return 9 different link styles for you to share your images. I got tired of having to browse to the site everytime I wanted to upload a photo. Will add support for multi-uploading later on. Comments welcome. Anyone wants to design a nice skin for this I'll code it up. Plan on adding multi-uploading and a history feature, so you can get the links to all files you upload with it. *EDIT* Also, maybe I'll a drag''n'drop feature where you can drag a bunch of images to the application and it will add them to the upload list automatically, to save time from having to browse for them. ImageShack.zip
  15. Yoni, what application you using for the shutdown apps? Who was the developer?
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