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  1. wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! thx a lot! testing right now...
  2. try this: http://elkendall.deviantart.com/art/Aqua-S...r-MODS-70479109 or this: http://malik-trey.deviantart.com/art/AquaSE-TB-37104300
  3. Thx for the sources! I made my own Attached below - this works for german systems (ALT AEX). I also changed the icon to the sidebar icon of preview in Leopard (see screenshot)... FindeXerButtonForQTTabbar_ger.zip
  4. Doesn't work for me. I'm on german xp. I don't know the shortcut here. Would be great if you could compile it for me too (toggle findexer and explorer-tree)... Please
  5. Any news of a new version?
  6. read my post above. Thats the only way I know. I'm still on OB 1.65 - maybee updating to 2.x helps, but i duno, I don't have the time for that
  7. EDIT: made some small changes...
  8. but i guess you know what I mean?!^^ I updated my first post for less confusing
  9. I made a mod of the default tabbed menubar-buttons in Synergy: Synergy is an iTunes-Controler. Get it here: http://wincent.com/a/products/ for more infos klick on the download-link download at deviantArt enjoy!
  10. yes, i'm using iconpackager too. but i don't have tweakui. Rebuild the iconcache with iconpackager doesn't work for me. only logout. but i have set up my icons and don't change it that much... launch icons in new windows - that would be cool
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