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  1. I dont smoke and thanks for Video link
  2. Saw that hip forum, but is for hippies, so nothing to do there for me P_L - thanks, i will look that site..
  3. Yea, i will try. Searching forums where are peoples who live in USA. Forum can be about love, pc and other stuff.. maybe now?
  4. eBay i think is better or maybe amazon?
  5. iPhone. I will buy it too after some days, need some cash for it. Will ship it from USA.
  6. Hi to all, maybe someone know some forum where is USA peoples? Where i can talk about all, PC, life and etc craps Thanks if someone will help me
  7. Hello, can someone help me? Whats is this song? Name? http://youtube.com/watch?v=m5XS0zoGykY
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