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  1. The keyboard bug is ObjectBar's fault, so upgrading Firefox won't help -- and, no, ObjectBar can't use the Firefox menus. Every time you start Firefox, switch to another program (or click on the desktop) then switch back to Firefox. You should be able to type without having to wait.
  2. I'm glad to see this is still being developed. Great work, raduking! The scale effect is cool. @Rerven and mumbler: A program called Hawkeye ShellInit can limit the size of maximized windows. It creates a screen "margin" and then closes, so it doesn't use any resources. Best of all, it's free! Download it HERE, then make a file in your Startup folder named "Dock.hss" that contains "Margin, 0, Bottom, 48" (if your Dock is 48 pixels high). Run the included "destroy margin 0.hss" to allow full screen usage again. Reserving room on the left side of the screen doesn't seem to work with Window
  3. Yes, but it just grows back thicker. And darker.
  4. Can the Update toolbar button in Firefox 1.0+ be hidden or disabled? Changing the settings in Tools -> Options doesn't seem to affect it, nor does anything in about:config with "update" in its name. I'm using hills' Safari theme, and there is extra space between the edge of the search bar and the right window edge due to an invisible Update button. Is there some code I can put in theme.jar/mozapps/update/update.css to hide it or at least make it only 1 pixel wide?
  5. Nope. OB doesn't play well with Firefox. In fact, when you launch "Safari" with OB running you may not be able to type anything into a web page until you switch to another program, then back to Firefox. Are you using the Compact Menu extension? With hills' Safari theme, the little dot between the address bar and the search bar is your menu (you get rid of the Go button and put the Compact Menu button there instead). When you are done converting to Safari, you should have the Back/Forward buttons, address bar, Compact Menu button, and search bar where the File ... Edit menus used to be. The n
  6. I don't think RocKetLauncher will ever use less than 1MB of memory -- maybe not even less than 8MB. YzDock didn't handle running tasks, and that adds a lot of complexity. If raduking wanted to make a dock that did nothing but launch programs, he could probably make one with the same, low memory & CPU usage of Yz Dock, but what would be the point of that? You could just use Yz; it's already done and works really well. I thought the primary goal of his project was to create a dock which matched the one on the Mac as closely as possible. If that means using more memory and processor time,
  7. I like that you can use any path for the icon, relative (/icons/Help.png) or absolute (D:/OSXstuff/Help.png). And since it allows you to use locations like %ProgramFiles% and %SYSTEMROOT% for the .exe links, people will be able to zip up their launcher configurations using relative paths, and other users can unzip and use them with little or no modification. The shortcuts are not numbered in the .conf file like MobyDock and ObjectDock, which makes perfect sense since you can drag them around anyway, and it means the file is easier to edit by hand. It's pretty obvious that raduking is not
  8. RocKetLauncher is on its way to becoming the perfect dock clone. Great job, raduking! Please add the following to your "to do" list. The first five items are features of the Mac Dock. #1. When a shortcut appears, make sure the launcher still fits on the screen (shrink all the icons). I think the Mac Dock uses a minimum of 12 blank pixels on each side, so with a 1024x768 desktop the maximum dock width = 1000. Can someone verify this? #2a. If sameInstance = 1, clicking the icon brings the window to the front but does not give it the focus (it should become the active window). #2b. Also
  9. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of iMage-in 0.1, InsaniSoft has released a new version! iMage-in 0.3 allows you to change the current image with the scrollwheel, a feature requested by Shak of AquaXP. Also new is droplet support, as requested by eversor. Now you can use a fancy PNG as a desktop shortcut that points to a batch file, and have the batch file "move %1 d:mystuff" (for example). When you drop any file onto the PNG, it will move the file to the "mystuff" folder. This 76K utility shows pictures on your Windows 2000/XP desktop without titlebars, menus, etc. Al
  10. smoke, I really like the idea of grouping ALL icons for the same program (as a bonus, it would automatically add the "Hide this program from the running tasks section if it's already on the Dock" feature I've been a-wantin'). Using that menu to create new instances would be the icing on the cake! Unfortunately, the free version doesn't have a group feature. Either that would have to be added in, or each version would have to handle things differently (Jeff, get out the aspirin). Hopefully he'll surprise us. As for the tasks placement, Jeff is right that I overlooked how Drag & Drop can
  11. All the trouble you go through for us is appreciated. Who needs Apple to put an option to "Use Mac OS X appearance" in the Windows version of iTunes when we have localhost?
  12. Jeff, sorry for the harsh tone of my post. The changes you made just felt like the first steps down the path to a version containing a nag screen or other in-your-face advertising, and I'd hate to see that happen. A positive experience using the free version will ensure future sales of the paid version, and the more annoyances you can remove (such as context menu items which are not immediately relevant to the current context), the more positive the user's opinion of OD will be. I still think you would be better off adding something to the Properties dialog, such as a "What features does the P
  13. Are you bored with ObjectDock already? I agree with smoke that you should concentrate on OD a little longer.
  14. Mad_Mike

    Widget Wars!

    Frogboy, I wanted to respond to you in the other DesktopX thread, but it was closed. I wasn't trying to be hostile. I truly apologize if my post came off that way. I think you and your company have done a great deal for the customizing community, and are continuing to do so. Some may even call you a "visionary," and it wouldn't be that difficult a point to make. You're correct that I didn't qualify my statements clearly enough. When I said, "I have yet to see a compelling reason to use DX," I meant for me personally; I wasn't trying to speak for other users (probably not the wisest thing to
  15. I haven't really gotten into widgets (yet), so I'm kind of on the outside looking in. One difference I see between AveDesk and DesktopX is that A-S users created and are perpetuating most of the hype surrounding AD, whereas the only one trying to drum up hype about DX is its author. I hope DX will turn out to be everything he says it will, in much the same way that I hope ObjectDock will someday incorporate MobyDock's features. Choice is always a good thing, and it's nice to have several forms of each customizing utility in case development stops on one or more of them (think Y'z Dock and Moby
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