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  1. Is there any valid link for Matongas's XWeather or XAccuWeather Docklet for XWindows 5.6 ??
  2. Sadly XDeskCover doesn't support Mozilla's songbird. What about the next release?
  3. Hi vermod, did you ever hear of Coverplay ?? It was originally an music file launcher with the coverflow design. The project is not continued but the source has been opensourced !!! Perhaps it can help you to increase the performance of Explorer Cover Flow because your program does not run really smooth on my Core2 but coverplay does. Nevertheless I thank you for your effort and please go on with your project.
  4. I got the error "Runtime error 383 'text property is read only'" too (Win XP,SP3). Any suggestions??
  5. I've just updated from 0.5 to 0.6.2 and I'm glad to see that you have considered my suggestion ("autoplay on startup", #119) I love this app and it's good to see that the developement hadn't stopped !
  6. Try "True Launch Bar" and the plugin of your choice. http://www.truelaunchbar.com/
  7. Me too, I don't care about (the details of) the magnification as long as there still exists problems with the dock (as mentioned before, i.e "Minimize to dock" is still not fast enough on my old PC, so I can use it only on my laptop) but I understand your desire of perfection. I'm not sure if it was yet said, because the thread becomes a little bit unclear and perhaps I miss it, but why isn't it possible to close a stack (as a menu) by clicking on the stack ? I have to click beyond the dock or to open another stack to close the "menu-stack". The other stack methods (grid/fan) work fine. And
  8. I agree, because as I said some time ago, I have an old machine and even with fastest settings, I can not really use the genie effect but I would like to minimize the windows.
  9. @BOBAH13: I'm usually logged in (in Windows) as a user and not as an admin, so when I want to check the option "Start with windows" it failes ("Faild to set data for 'XWindosDock'). I can change the option only as an admin. When I do so and I log in as a user the docks starts but the option to "Start with Windows" is unchecked. It's not a big thing, I just wanted to tell you.
  10. @Panta: I've just tested your Blackest Leopard Skin and there is still a thin line to the right. It's only remarkable when you have a lot of icons in the dock.
  11. @AndrewYY: Thank U so much !!!
  12. @BOBAH13: Thanx again for your application. It worked fine still 4.5 but now I got a problem with 4.8: XWindows Dock doesn't want to show the thumbnails for the pics in the stacks anymore. All versions before (incl. 4.5) it has worked and STILL works fine, so I am a little bit frustrated cause I don't know what the problem could be and what I could do. I've searched the whole threat but couldn't find an answer or I didn't see it...It was a long day.. Do u have any idea what to do?? I hope so.. Edit: the new .exe for 4.8 didn't solve the problem..
  13. @ BOBAH13: Thank you for this amazing dock !! One suggestion/desire: The Animation "Minimize to dock" is a little bit slow on my old desktop pc. Therefore it would be nice if the speed for the animation could be faster or, as an alternative, you could offer an option to use NO Animation to "Minimize to dock". What you think? Will that be possible?
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