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  1. Here you go. I was using a Shinobified version on the ss above.
  2. Icy

    Apple Wave

    I thought about that too. Anyway, it's included in the zip file.
  3. It's included in kavin's Samui 2 gui kit. link
  4. My screenshot preview frame.
  5. Icy

    Apple Wave

    Thanks Guys! This is my first release on Aqua-soft and I never had any formal photoshop course so pardon my skills.
  6. Four Colors -Blue -Lime -Orange -Pink Five Resolutions -1600x1200 -1440x900 -1280x1024 -1280x900 -1023x768 .PSD file included!
  7. And I thought I was the only one experiencing it. It was down a while ago but its up and running now.
  8. I had the same problem but I was able to fix it using skinstudio. I set the margin to 7,37,2,7 and it was fixed.
  9. Thanks duyvan82! I've been waiting for this for years!
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