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  1. Thanks. But the site still need to be retouched
  2. I'm New to this Just comming up
  3. This is just to show an expression of emotions to someone you love. Even the monkey picture was from a greeting card.
  4. Good Tut! man It's great. Did anybody knows where I can get non edited photos on models or girls? I tried http://photo.net but they were edited ones. I will be highly appreciated if u can send me one.
  5. Nice one there. what did you use in making Your HDR graphics? is it Photomatrix or what? if not You can try http://www.hdrsoft.com for their software. it is good in making hdr images.
  6. The picture used was ripped from a greeting which was shot by John hone but I did all the necessary design. Hope you all like it you can download it here http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/6947/monkeygx5.jpg
  7. It's a great Job done. Thanks for the PSD files
  8. Nice one, I love it. Keep on the sharing b/cos there will always be a reply either good or bad. try http://www.photo.net/gallery for good photos
  9. I love design and interior aspect and most expecially the greeting cards but the cars are from other sites. you can try http://wallpaper.diq.ru for more cars and bikes.
  10. It's a little bit stressful scrolling through the pages before someone can get whate he/she wants and most of the walls there are from other sites. you can try http://wallpaper.diq.ru for more wallpapers
  11. Found this great site Last and wish to share it with you all http://www.photo.net/gallery very cool photos
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