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  1. This is because the cursor has alfa alpha channels. To fix this go to the "Display Properties" window> "Settings" tab> "Advanced" button> "Troubleshoot" tab, and drag the slider once to the left (then apply the changes, of course). That way it should be fixed.
  2. I want to show the latest quote in my tumblelog using Tumblr's API and javascript (that way i wouldn't have to do things manually). The problem is I don't know anyithing about javascript at all. So I'm looking for someone that can help me with this. Here is the API help section Here is my tumblelog BTW give me some feedback about the design, it's simple but I wanted something that loaded fast and looked nice.
  3. I don't wanna be too rude, but, since when does sand reflect? well, I guess that's meant to be sand
  4. i like the interface of safari, and it may be a bit buggy, but i am having some problems with firefox, and it's very slow. thanks for the link tekNerd, but i think it wont work, because it seems to not be supported but the application. anyway, thank you EDIT, oh, you can add new applications. great it worked
  5. The problem is this, I want to use safari for windows as my default browser, but when I set it to default, it sets like that to every user in the computer. So, the question is: can I have my default browser different than other accounts?
  6. so I guess you meant desktop, not homepage
  7. the same happens to me with RocketDock, but it's just when the mouse pointer reaches the section where the dock is
  8. cool! will you release it?
  9. you should contact the company
  10. i don't have any of those though i am interested on the video camera
  11. ok, so did anybody find or did something about this?
  12. look at this http://koti.mbnet.fi/simom/pidgin/led-notification/ might be usefull oh, it may be linux-only :S
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