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  1. i dont think there is, i just gave up and dl'ed CAD instead.
  2. yeah i just figured that out last night lol ive got it running now
  3. well i found this one http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/420448...h+age_scale%3A5 and it says its got a skin for itunes as well as winamp and some other 2 but im not sure if itll work. if someone knoes if it does then can you explain how to install it? i tried following the directions but it wouldnt show up on my desktop
  4. thanks alot :] but im already using that one, anyone got the new one? thnks alot tho applethink
  5. im running windows xp :X
  6. someone pleaaase tell me they know where i can get the vinyl tunes skin for avetunes. ive looked everywhere and cant find it, heres what it looks like. thanks in advance
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