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  1. It's a live CD, so should work without any problem. Enabling the restricted driver you can have 3d effect. I'm using it on my macbook, better than mac osx!
  2. it's like saying. do you have a dark black color, or a light white color tsk tsk
  3. A question, after choosing to install, will the XGL be as default, or do I have to "run" it.? I love Kororaa, just I want a perfect and easy installation. thanks
  4. Yes, I know about these two. Thanks alot. But the are not the same I love the Smoothness (sp?) of kororaa but thanks!
  5. Here is a really wierd request. I would like to see Kororaa (LIVE CD XGL DEMO) Gnome Style (default) I like it alot. I just the live Cd alot. but I want a VS of that style. Click here for a preview Another preview I would love a port of this! thanks
  6. Another release. Blackboard (chalkboard) Apple. enjoy
  7. Here a little release of mine. Apple with win colors. enjoy
  8. Om mac it's program called Windowshade X. It let you minimize on the spot. So you have a small preview on the desktop
  9. Site is back up..Server is up and running.. thanks
  10. Site back up.Server up and running.. it's a KLM boeiing 737 (as far as I can see)... thanks
  11. Here is an alternatve download.. Click here
  12. sorry about this..having problems with the server.. weekend will it be back up!.. thanks -=LT=-
  13. Well that are done,..here they are..two versions.. Visit my site to download them
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