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  1. I've recently bought an HP laptop and am quite happy with it, no problems so far and it was well worth the money. I personally prefer HP over Dell.
  2. Well, to start off you need to make sure you have a wireless network setup. (If you don't, you need to purchase a wireless router and plug your ethernet cable into it and afterwards go through the setup options [name, optional password, etc]). Next you need to connect to the network from Windows 7. To do this, make sure you wifi card is on (usually indicated by a glowing antenna icon) and then click the bars icon next to the clock in the taskbar. From the point, click on your network and then hit connect. If needed, enter a password.
  3. Depends on the app... if it's crap, then yes. But if it's really useful, it could cost even more
  4. Happy New Year to everyone! Hope 2010 will be a great year for everyone - SbuxBlaze
  5. I guess I can reintroduce my self. Haven't been active for over a year
  6. Might take a look over on eBay, the cheapest you'll probably find is in the $400 range, that's new.
  7. I agree, can't get around without it (just noticed: 1,000th post )
  8. A wallpaper I had unfinished on my HD for quite some time. Finally finished up the last pieces. Hope you like it
  9. I haven't made anything in Photoshop in ages, tried making a wallpaper - one that i wouldn't usually make. Not too sure I like it, any comments?
  10. A big announcement to everyone who is a member at Galaxy GUI: We are finally going independent and moving to our own servers! Because of this move, our URL will be changing to galaxygui.NET, different from the old galaxygui.COM! Visit the new site (Almost ready for public opening announcement as of this post): http://www.galaxygui.net/ Note: Old accounts will NOT work, you MUST re-register
  11. Sorry for the double post. The site is now hosted on a new server and our downtimes are finally fixed. The site should be up 99% of the time now . If anyone wants to help out and become a staff member just message me, we could use some moderators. Also, what do you guys think of the new design
  12. Now all you have to do is apply for membership, we've overhauled the site completely and have started accepting new applicants. Just register and you should be activated quickly
  13. I'm kind of surprised to not see more people commenting on this, it's by far the best PhotoBooth clone And an update would be great
  14. Same error again today, we'll see what's up in a thread on there tomorrow , that is if the site comes online tomorrow
  15. Good too hear, it was so much easier to see new posts with it
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