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  1. unfortunately, E74 means your graphics chip has gone kaput... thats why your getting all that red stuff. i had a similar problem to mine but was all white the way i got it to fire up again is to leave it running with a towel over the whole console for about 15 mins then turn it off and take the towels off, then let it cool for about 5 mins and then retry. good luck
  2. intel definately. they are just so much dominating amd, with all the extreme gaming cpu's and high overclocking, i love it
  3. been looking around for some simple dark knight wallpapers, couldnt find any ones that i liked... so i made my own enjoy click the image to download [deviantart link]
  4. my first own wallpaper was abit bored so opened photoshop . done it in around 10 mins. enjoy! [DOWNLOAD] (deviantart link)
  5. use this, found on the official website. http://rapidshare.com/files/114231099/Uninstall.exe.html
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