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  1. Did you check the osx-e site in my sig? DO IT. Did you search this forum for "avedesk" or "avedesk guide" or "avedesk tutorial"? DO IT. Did you read the guide mps69 linked to? DO IT. After you do all the above, if you STILL are at a loss, THEN ASK.
  2. Here, I found the dock skin thread...http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....opard+dock+skin Objectbar and Avedesk, you search about. And do go through the tut Mps69 linked to.
  3. Objectbar, Avedesk, Leopard 2D Dock theme. That's all you need to get there.
  4. Wrong. The least you can do for yourself is search around, look for other similar threads (trust me, there are lots). Also see the downloads section at osx-e (my sig). I do not mean to be rude, just that these questions have been asked and answered before. A little searching won't harm, PS: My first suggestion would be to go for Objectbar...Again, search for more info on that.
  5. The Ergoblue one is awesome...I can't wait for the black/grey mod now,
  6. You could make the separators a blamk image and add some. Not very elegant, though.
  7. Maybe he could use the alphas to get the finished product from the future, :confused:
  8. It doesn't work with Opera. Baaad!
  9. Oh, but then you wouldn't need to create it. Anytime you want something done, just use the time machine to restore to a time where the job's already done. Real timesaver, if you ask me.
  10. Ojalord

    LEGO Indy

    Uh, ok. Maybe it does look like it...
  11. Well, those reflections would look even better with some fading out. The way they end abruptly without going all the way down doesn't look realistic. Otherwise, nice work.
  12. Ojalord

    LEGO Indy

    ^ Doesn't look like it. :slant:
  13. Nice theme...I'm waiting for the Black/Grey substyles, though. Blue just isn't my thing, :slant:
  14. One what? A Mac, of course. A Macbook, to be more precise. However, since I'm only a poor student who's going to begin college next month, I really can't afford even the cheapest one (the Macbook "White", according to the Apple India website). So, the deciding factor is the discounts Apple offers to students...However, I've found no indication of such a thing in India, so could anyone in the know clarify this?
  15. Can we have a screenie of how they look in a dock?
  16. Well, are you or aren't you dutch? :confused:
  17. Go ahead, good luck. If you succeed, do post the method here. Would be useful to a lot of us,
  18. Can't be done wothout dome serious reshacking, in that case. :slant:
  19. Use an appropriate WB theme, or manually reshack each application to replace those icons with a blank one.
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