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  1. Yep. It works on all 32bit apps. Sadly, that excludes standard win apps such as explorer.
  2. +1 Revo. Useful and light, even if the current issue is no more.
  3. Any of the more popular docks? RocketDock or XWindows... If you don't mind typing, something like colibri or launchy is perfect.
  4. open the Chrome shortcut's properties and add the string "-single-process" (without quotes) to the end of the Target box.
  5. Overhead depends a lot on the antivirus in question. Norton or Mcafee shite, for example. Though I do agree that a little common sense in your internet habits, etc can probably keep you safe from a lot of malware, especially if you're a bit experienced with computers. However, recommending to the average user that he proceed with no antivirus is a bit foolhardy. A light, effective antivirus like Eset (paid) or Avira free is a much better option in the long run of keeping a pc healthy.
  6. ^ In the above so called security apps, there is only one that merits that label. Surely you do not recommend living totally without an antivirus?
  7. The most commonly used firefox addons are default features in Opera, and it's way faster. Unless you have a use for specialised addons, Opera is the way to go.
  8. Opera. Never hangs, fast and comes with a mind-boggling array of features built-in. Second comes Firefox, for it's extensions which allow it to incorporate lot of the above's features.
  9. Search and Download. Do not expect links to be doled out, or someone to search for you. Try looking in the downloads section of osx-e (in sig). Use google, and deviantart for themes.
  10. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=of...les&btnG=Search If you have a mac or QT pro, use that to open the subs and movie together and export to whatever format you want (in this case itunes/ipod) and the subs shall be hardcoded.
  11. ^ OB is not free. It's Object Dock you're thinking of.
  12. I've had no problems with the Software Update 'version', other than a double restart similar to what Raats experienced.
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