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  1. Those are very nice Clotz ! Good work and thanks for the link. Yes, please post on your mod of the Taskbar & Start Menu items .
  2. I never heard of it, but here is what a Google search says: http://www.computerhope.com/unix/xenix.htm
  3. It's hard to recommend a dock. All the docks do a wonderful job. They are not perfectly the same as the MacOS X dock simply because the OSes are different. It is a matter of choosing the dock that has the most features and performance that is acceptable to you. Some people claim that one dock is faster than the other (but this depends on your set-up/components). Others find one little aspect that is so irritating they need to use another dock. Others don't see anything wrong or see very minor flaws. It is all an individual decision and so try them both or the three if you have a copy of the di
  4. Are you talking about the Windows' flag ? If so , you could replace it with a static image that blends with the "specific theme", but then you still have the separator there which needs to be modified.
  5. Wow ! I thought I was going to be the only one using Yz dock ? I guess this is a good opportunity for Objectdock and Mobydock to offer more soon and do a catch-up. The only reason that I don't switch is because Yz keeps giving me more features and ,it is stable, and quick on my computer. Being quicker than Yz dock is not enough for me to switch. More features and more stability with many icons might be. So far I'm too comfortable with Yz dock.
  6. Maybe so, but so far it's been that elusive vaporware , for how many months now ?
  7. Which dock are you using in your WindowsPC ?
  8. Can you post the link rather than a reference to the thread or a website, please ? I don't see the skin at Cerulean and I don't know if the other links are older versions of the skin. Thanks
  9. Any solutions to fix unExposed screenshots of desktop ? pages tile outside desktop size. Thanks
  10. ResHacker is the only sure way. The other programs may not change icons depending on the WindowsXP version you have (non-SP1 / SP1 ? other ).
  11. I don't know about functionality (well I personally prefer to keep ALL WindowsXP functionality even at the expense of not looking like MacOS X , I'm not one that likes to see fake images that do nothing just to fool others it is a Mac ), in reference to the "look" I like the left image better than the right image. This means I like Pedros theme for Objectbar better than the Original MacOS X. The icons are slightly larger and the text is slightly wider making things more readable. I like it better because in fact it gives better functionality=readability than the original MacOS X and unless yo
  12. why are your images so distorted ?
  13. How about a section that will be for the App Developers to post a screenshot of their apps, then on the right side a summary of what it does and a link on how to set it up or comments from the developer. Nobody else would be able to post in that section just the developers. It would make it easier for all to see the latest apps what they look like onced installed and what the authors recommend to common set-up problems. Some apps are beginning to sound the same or do similar things and it's getting a little confusing with so many new versions and new apps. It would be similar to the News Secti
  14. SIWU: Great app. , useful, great work !!! Thanks !!!! I see no large memory usage with the app. but I got maybe 2 problems: 1. Clicking on the tray iEX and clicking on Settings===> Nothing happens 2. When iExplore works some of the captured windows go beyond the size of my desktop. Is there a way to tell it to tile the images for a specific desktop size ? Thanks !!! Absolutely good work.
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