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  1. i guess i can always wait until the end of summer when school starts, but what im concerned about now is price - will the price of the macbook pro increase with the new hardware?
  2. what updates can we possibly see with the montevina chipset update? if the new macbook has the same price as it does now, is there a significant difference in speed? or will it be like the quiet update we saw in late february with the penryn 2 chipset?
  3. is there going to be a new MacBook pro model released this year? appleinsider has posted some info about new processors that are due in June but they also expressed doubts about whether apple will put in the new processors immediately. I was looking to buy a macook sometime soon, but if new MacBooks are on the way within a couple weeks or months, I guess I can wait.
  4. yea reformat didnt work so im just oging to take it apart and see how a laptop is put together valuable learning experience i guess =/ lol
  5. ok thanks i will try a reformat and post the results
  6. will reformatting the comp fix the problem?
  7. yea it does - it starts up right after i press the power button and the longer i keep the computer on the more colors lines i see also, when i just sit and look at the screen closely, thinks sort of flash and it looks like some of the checkerboard lines are moving or disappearing and reappearing, kinda like its getting refreshed every second but it never gets any better
  8. hey guys im having some problems with this laptop i got from a friend - he got a new one because the screen on this one is kinda messed up and he just didnt want to fix it i took some pictures with my digital camera and one screenshot (which i transferred to the desktop pc im using now) here the are: CAMERA: SCREENSHOT: so what do you guys think? is it a problem with the graphics card that needs replacement or maybe an updated driver or a reformat will do the job? (btw the checkerboard is there when the computer starts up - its not like it comes up only
  9. actually no (well my project is over now), but i was looking for something more like this: (watch at around 0:43)
  10. is there any way to install FlyakiteOSX without the multiplugin? (maybe something like not checking the box next to MultiPlugin or something?)
  11. same here - my email is [email protected] explain please? i dont get it - i have the latest version of itunes right now (7.1.1) but i dont have the multiplugin - will this be a problem? and also, I have a question about FlyakiteOSX v3.5 (again about sharing computers ) if im sharing a computer with someone, will FlyakiteOSX affect both users? or just one? thank you.
  12. is there any way to 'unpatch' the uxtheme.dll file? can i just duplicate my original and save it somewhere else and replace it later if i want to?
  13. hi all im currently using windows movie maker2, and i was wondering if it was possible to get a blood-drip effect on a certain image (not as a transition but more of an overlay type effect) for an example, please see this video at around 0:43 thank youuu
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