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  1. I wasn't asking for a shadow "option". What I was pointing is that the M*c dock dynamically creates (always) two different shadows giving it a deeper sense of 3D ness. (is not an option in M*c but it could be implemented as an option in XWD , the way the shadow on the wallpaper is optional at the moment. ) I'm really happy with the shadow and the overall look of XWD at the moment, but I was just asking for this detail in future releases. It's that kind of details that make the difference between M*c and almost any copy, and XWD is the closest thing to that kind of detail ( in other aspects X
  2. Drauks: Thanks for posting the links! I have a problem though: downloaded the Blob icon set a coouple of times, but I can't unzip it properly. I guess it's because of some Mac file format but,of course you are on Windows and you managed to open it successfully. Any hints? Thanks again.
  3. Hello Bobbah: I have a little request that might not be so easy to implement -the idea would be to get the closest to the smooth 3d effect you see in the original dock-. Take a look at this article --> http://furbo.org/2007/07/03/the-hig-still-...pecial-effects/ (an article that talks against the new 3d dock revealing all the perspective problems it has, actually. But that's not the point) I would like you to take a look at the shadows explanation: the original dock has 2 different dynamically generated shadows. One (the shadow projected in the back) you have achieved perfectly, but th
  4. that's super sleek! where did you get those icons and the skin?? Thanks!
  5. Super work 3d3 !! One of my favorites and using it now. Congrats! ps: do you think you can come out with a Black version of it ?(Others have tried, I know. but , you know, others have tried making a good OSX dock replica and no one got it like you, so.. )
  6. Atreiu: your instructions are perfect! It was my problem: I didn't read them carefully , in consequence I didn't install ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll. My bad. Now everything is working perfectly (much better and stable than before). Congrats and Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I don't hate windowsblinds but I knew it was the problem. Genius and fast solution on your side, much respect. Now: I can't make it work properly... I get a : "could not load ssl library" I think I'm getting everything right, but still---
  8. Xmail bug: (check attachment) the menu display is broken and I can't see the "Use SSL" option or "include nested folders" which makes it totally useless for me.. any idea? Thanks in advance.!
  9. Thanks, I was coming back to report exactly this solution. Thanks Matonga, but big props to all you magic coders!
  10. hm. I downloaded the new version a few times, but I still can't make it work.. for some reason the skin editor seems to be the same as before (when I click on "new" it tries to open "skin.smxd" and not "default.smxd") maybe I should uninstall something from the old skin maker? ...I'm a little lost...) when I make it open a Skin.smxd to create a "new" skin, it doesn't create files for borders, masks, or anything else. except the basic components. So definitively it's stuckin 5.2.3... thanks matonga
  11. Hi Matonga, didn't really work.. hm. maybe you should re-upload the 5.4 version? or did I do somthing wrong? (the editor worked, but 5.4 failed to recognize the newly created skin) Gracias man!
  12. Those STACK animations are awesome Shishimaru!! I hope Bobbah can take them into consideration for future releases! just beautiful
  13. ..and also, because: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/ind...p?topic=15263.0 By Panta: moved to this, more general, thread.
  14. ok, but meanwhile there's a solution to this: you can press the Tab key and the brushes and boxes will disappear.Then , once the Photoshop window is restored you press Tab again to get everything back. Hope it works.
  15. hmm, not in xp sp2, at least.
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