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  1. I was wonering if anyone here has pre-ordered their iPod Touch and got their E-mail stating that the product was shipping, if so what date did you place the order?
  2. ok, well I think I'll be able to resolve this issue now, so I want to just kinda close this thread
  3. I have ordered an iPod touch, but have just realized that in the owners manual, it says that you need an internet connection during setup, I don't have internet at home and was wondering if anyone who has already bought an iPod touch can explain why it needs an internet connecction?
  4. I was wondering if it is at all possible to trick OS X into thinking it had, say 10.4.10 installed, when really running 10.4.8? I don't want to do a software update, but some new software I'm getting requires 10.4.10, and I just want it to install, because it should run on 10.4.8.
  5. Where can I get the standard keynote backgrounds, like the gradient one Steve always uses on his keynotes, so that I can use them in powerpoint?
  6. The drive works under the Microsoft USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE driver, but it wont copy files onto it without giving me weird error messages saying that the source files cannot be found, but I can still open them.
  7. I have been to the PNY site dozens of times, but there are no details on how their flash drives correspond with Vista, nor are there any updated drivers
  8. I just bought an 8gb PNY Flash drive, but it doesn't seem to work with Windows Vista. I need a solution so I can put files on it to take back home.
  9. Alright, I just made a huge realization on this thing that My/May not matter: look above the delete key and there is an fn function key. I have never seen this on a desktop keyboard, which strengthens the philosophy of this being a photoshop macbook keyboard...
  10. I understand, I'm in the same boat. It's hard to be an Apple developer with no Mac... Xcode has a hard time running in Winblows...
  11. Yeah, it's a nice form factor, but I don't think it quite reaches Apple's Standards...
  12. well, if you have photoshop, then you can check the flaws I found: Look closely at the apple symbol on the sticker on the back of the keyboard! I opened the file in Adobe photoshop and did a little bit of close examining and I can tell that this is a fake, well at least the sticker... the Apple is no more than basically a big dot, possible made with a pencil tool, then they tried to kind of cut a groove for the bite, then one for the base. look closely and you will see what I'm saying. also, (I don't know about pre shipped products and what is done with them during the development process)
  13. alright everybody check out the new rumored imac keyboard: "http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/27/is-this-the-new-imac-keyboard/" I personally think it's a fake, but I wanted to know what you guys thought...
  14. the 2 threads were different, one was asking for help in the multimedia discussion, the other was simply asking for some support in my project
  15. well, I tried that, but Movie Maker wouldn't read the .mov file extension.... so I went new school... i downloaded K-lite codec pack, so that Windows media and components could read most all video files. I loaded the Video AND audio into Windows Media Encoder, which combined the files perfectly, but the audio has to wait 18sec., to match up correctly, and I had no way to delay the audio
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