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  1. what if he lied about his birthday
  2. i've never heard about those or seen them until now. great icons, great toy.
  3. CoverSutra Vinyl Art CoverSutra Vinyl Art.zip
  4. there it goes will. they look great in high res i just hope they look detailed when theyre smaller tooo
  5. damn those are hot stinky.
  6. prolly a list of album covers by the artist
  7. hey guys, if there's any more invites could you send one my way? please? thank you. =]
  8. http://www.artofadambetts.com/weblog/?p=139 edit: if you can't find 'em i've got these in .ico format and the .png format you see there.
  9. there are but you wouldn't be as satisfied as you would be with windowblinds since the msstyles can't achieve the same blur effects or transparencies without extra applications running along side. get windowsblinds if you want more pleasant visuals.
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