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  1. looks like I've got to correct a few things here 1) I made the code public for a long time, but since no one was interested I took it down. If anyone wants to continue Looca, send me a mail (my address is in my profile) Looca is coded in Delphi 6 and uses lots of additional components. The main problem is the ShellBrowser component, which I got from school (it isn't free). :slant: 2) I did NOT stop because of any bugging or unpleasant comments. I'd rather like to thank the AS community for their support. I stopped because of various other reasons. At first I did not have time for such
  2. Because of the success of our original set we decided to re-release it on christmas day with 7 bonus icons . Available as iContainer, ICOs & PNGs: Download here Have fun with our icons and have a nice christmas day!
  3. Just FYI.. you can copy the Terminal.app from the OS X install disc I screwed up the system profiler once
  4. Well, no he doesn't :/ @ Levi: You never asked us to use the lha elements and you don't even mention LHA in your post.. If you would have sent us a mail we could have given you permission to distribute this, but since you didn't please remove this mod asap Sorry for everybody that likes this skin, but he'd better ask for permission next time
  5. Philipp Antoni, I'm living in Austria so my time zone is GMT+1, the same as from both Florians I'm mainly applying for the site design, but if we are going to use Textpattern I can also help with that. And I've also got quite much experience with XHTML/CSS and I've modded the Textpattern source code a few times, so I know the basics of PHP. So to sum up, if anyone needs me, I'll be there to help My MSN address is in my profile.
  6. I don't want to disagree with you in every post but you can use Textpattern for every site. You can make download sites, news sites, even image galleries. Probably it's a bit more blog-like than Symphony but it's nowhere a blog-system. I'd say it's more similar to MovableType than to WordPress (for example).
  7. Textpattern is free and also written in valid xhtml/css
  8. Judges system seems to work really good, but we'd have to maintain two systems and it would be some work to combine both (maybe we want a small self-updating list of the newest releases on the frontpage ?) And textpattern comes with a search function
  9. I'm using TextPattern for my website and I really like it. It's highly customizable and could easily be used for the whole site, including frontpage and download area.Moreover it has tons of plugins and a nice community if there are any problems And, as I already said, I'd love to join the team
  10. I only got some experience with the Graphite model, but the drives should be similar in all kind of computers If you push a paperclip inside the small hole under the tray then it should open. (That's basic information about drives actually so I think you already have tried this)
  12. I'd love to design the avedesk website You can see my last commercial website design at www.elixant.com and you might remember/know my Elements Icons Suite and the Graphics I've done for RKLauncher and PantherXP I've designed much more stuff, if someone's interested I can post that too PS: I remember I once did a design for the AeroSoft frontpage which never got realised :slant:
  13. Max Rudberg made a Halo icon: http://www.maxthemes.com/guistuff/?guistuff=Play%20Time
  14. fortunately the icons also work with the MX versions
  15. It's amazing that someone thought of making a birthday thread for me especially now when there are fewer bday threads than ever and I'm not very active in the forums big thanks!
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